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The University of the Philippines Building Research Service (UP BRS) has long been undertaking contracted research and development in the fields of building science and materials, construction methods and management. It further amplifies its functions on one of the main concerns of our society today, which is to develop technologies utilizing indigenous resources that are appropriate to the needs of the local industry through research and development work.

This compendium documents the results of years of research and development work on indigenous building materials and technologies as well as information on commercially available or manufactured indigenous building materials and technologies. Building materials are a critical building resource since it accounts to over two-thirds of the total building cost. They dictate the realization of the dwelling units to be constructed.

This digest is directed for the use of local and international industries, manufacturers, investors, consumers, construction companies, students and teachers and anyone who is interested in gaining knowledge and information about indigenous building materials and technologies.

We hope that this compendium renders sufficient data about indigenous building materials and technologies to the readers and provide a systematic and easy to use database system uploaded in the DOST website for public view.


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A Project of DOST-PCIERD and UP-Building Research Services